Place Your Order At One Of These Top-Notch Allen TX Restaurants

Place Your Order At One Of These Top-Notch Allen TX Restaurants

I’m going to give you the names of four popular restaurants in Allen, Texas. These names aren’t pulled out of a hat. That might would be what it’s like if you were visiting Allen and you didn’t know what restaurants are the best. If you’re wondering where to dine out, pick from this short list and count on enjoying a delicious meal.

Bonefish Grill on East Stacy Road is one great choice, and bang bang shrimp is one of the featured menu items. This restaurant also serves up jasmine rice, custard pie, corn chowder and so much more. I see lobster tail is one of the menu highlights, too. Bonefish Grill is said to feature a nice decor. One more menu recommendation is the Key West Salsa Mahi Tuna.

Seafood is what it’s all about with the last pick. If you’re in the mood for something a little different than seafood, here is your next choice. What about a cheesesteak? Big Tony’s West Side Philly Cheesesteak is the name of the place, and it’s located on South Greenville Avenue. Not only can you expect a scrumptious cheesesteak, but spicy fries are on the menu highlights, too.

This next restaurant is all about Thai cuisine. It’s called Thai Pan Restaurant, and you will fin it on West McDermott Drive. If you have kids with you, the reviews mention that there is a menu just for them, too. People say you can expect delicious food and an attentive staff. The panang is one of the menu favorites, as you might expect. If you’re up for some Thai food, it’s one of the good spots in Allen TX.

Thai Pan Restaurant may have a kids menu, but kids love burgers, don’t they? All the restaurants on this list are good, but perhaps I saved the best for last. It’s called Scotty P’s Hamburgers, and it is located at 109 Central Expressway North. Simple and tasty, the original hamburger platter is a favorite. You’re sure to find other items on the menu that sound delicious, too.

Is the burger place going to get you moving? Perhaps you were looking for Thai food, and I rang your bell. Certainly one of these restaurants would do the trick. I didn’t mention a breakfast place, but breakfast has been covered in other articles, too. For now, you’ve got four more places to choose from as you go out to grab a bite to eat in Allen TX.